College Student Textbooks Has A New Home – CollegeBooks.Pro!

College Student Textbooks Has A New Home – CollegeBooks.Pro!

college student textbooks has moved to a new location

After many months of consideration and discussion, we have decided to move our company’s website to CollegeBooks.Pro. We will be transitioning to a new domain and want you to know that all your information and old orders arel still be available. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

As you may already know, College Student Textbooks is a company that provides all students with access to free or cheap textbooks in PDF or ePub format. College Student Textbooks was created by students for students and the team has been selling and giving away ebooks since 2017. The company’s goal is to provide students with affordable textbooks without sacrificing quality, which often happens when purchasing from online retailers.

Why was “College Student Textbooks” moved suddenly?

Although we were contemplating getting a more accessible address for a long time, we were still debating on the best and easiest domain for users which is easy to remember and is not too heavy on our wallets. Unfortunately, our hands were forced when our old domain,, and College.BZ expired, and we failed to renew it in time. It was taken over by hostile agencies and they demanded a HUGE amount of money for handing it back to us (we are talking about 5 figures and up!). Since we don’t make this kind of money (we sell the cheapest ebooks to students with margins in cents), we couldn’t afford a buy back. Therefore our hands were forced, and we had to move.

Will my old orders still work?

Yes! We are true to our promise. When we sold you an ebook or a testbank, and we said there are no restrictions on the PDF and you own it for life, we meant every single word! If you bought an ebook from us back in 2017 or 2018 for free, $1, or $5 etc, you still own it without any restrictions. We already provided you with the ePub (kindle) or most probably PDF (most requested) format. In case you have lost access, you can contact us again with your order number or the email address you used for the original order and we’ll resend you the download link. You can also go to My Account in case you made an account with us and login with your old email and passwords. In case you don’t remember your pass, you can request a new one.

How can I get even more discounts?

Our ebooks are already the lowest priced you will find anywhere. However, for a limited time, you can use the coupon code cst-gimme05 for an additional 5% concession on our reduced prices. We can guarantee you that these will save you a lot of money over the retail prices.

I wasn’t able to find a title, can I still request one?

Sure! Although we are swamped right now, if you request a title or a textbook, we try our best to add it to our book shop asap. We’ll email you too when we add it. However, we can’t make any promises about the time it’ll take! (and it takes a while negotiating with great authors, who are usually very nice and agree to reduce costs for students, but with greedy publishers, it hardly works). We also keep trying to add more testbanks, solution manuals and instructor manuals. Your request for an ebook or a resource may help us add it sooner!

I really love what you do, how can I help you?

We do need your help in spreading the word! Please tell your peers, friends, teachers, and parents about our great service and best prices. You can also leave a review on our new Trustpilot Reviews page (unfortunately, the old reviews were not transferred over by Trustpilot 🙁 so we do request new reviews if you can. Thanks a lot in advance). lowest prices pdf textbooksAs always, it has been a pleasure to help people get access to a free or cheap ebook. Our website offers college students inexpensive, downloadable text books. There are many great reasons to download your textbooks rather than buying them new or used at retail price. We want to continue helping as many people as we can. Hope you have used our service and loved it. In case of ANY issues, do please contact us!

Best of luck with your readings and education!

Colleen Stewart
College Student Textbooks
[email protected]


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